How to Book


If you are interested in booking one of the suites, please confirm first the availability by sending us an e-mail via website

Please note that booking policy is in line with INSEAD diversity.
We are also happy to answer any questions which you may have.

Then in order to confirm the reservation, please pay the deposits (1300 euros) plus the first month rent within 5 days of our e-mail agreement, by wire transfer to our Bank account (please specify arrival costs at sender's charge); bank details will be provided to you.
Note that, if you do not show up, your deposit will not be returned, except if you introduce an acceptable substitute tenant.



The security deposit will be returned to you upon leaving the premises, provided that there is normal wear and tear of your quarters and equipment, and subject to the return of your key(s) as well as your bike & bike lock (if a bike has been loaned to you). The security deposit is reimbursed by wire transfer to your French Bank account.

Upon signing the rent agreement, you will be asked to send a copy of your passport or identity card.


The two rental periods run:

  • Autum period: 4.5 full months from mid August to Late December
  • Spring period: 6 full months from early January to July


Extra nights , upon request, will be charged 35 euros per night. A switch with Wharton or Singapore is possible. In this case, you can sublet or exchange your suite or bedroom with another student, subject to Landlord's approval (we will not refuse unreasonably). It is your reponsibility to identify and introduce your subtenant to the Landlord. Note that you remain personally responsible for the payment of the rent on the 1st day of each month, even during the switch: you must arrange to collect the sublease, if any, directly from your replacement.